holistic layout

In a break from my usual illustrator role I was asked to put together a flyer promoting Brunswick Holistic Health, a local business providing natural medicines, advice and therapies.

The graphic elements of this flyer were arranged in the real world on a work bench and photographed in one go, rather than being combined digitally. An unusual way to create a document!

The hands-on process allowed for a holistic, organic development of the flyer's design, and a warm, humanist  aesthetic outcome. The honesty of the materials and design approach communicate a regard for natural values and healthy practices.

I had big help on this project so owe credit and thanks to…

photographer Andrew Wuttke for location and studio photography - awesome work as always.

Assistant photographer Michelle Williams for ensuring location shoot ran smoothly and generously appearing in some of the photographs - totally above and beyond.

Reiki therapist Silvia Kovacevic for appearing in the flyer as the therapist and for being such a calming, confident person to work with.

And of course Jess, who runs Brunswick Holistic Health and asked me to design the flyer in the first place.

Thanks everyone! 

Cheers, R :)