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Illustration Friday - stripes

broadclub cuttlefish animated gif

I saw a great documentary on tv called 'Cuttlefish - Kings of Camouflage'.

One of the cuttlefish featured in the documentary was a Broadclub Cuttlefish which has the remarkable ability to bamboozle its prey with a crazy strobing stripe pattern. Truly bizzare stuff.

If you want to see a real one in action here's a link I found to a clip from the documentary.

Cuttlefish are so cool.

R :)

Illustration Friday - mesmerising deer-cat

Look into the eyes of the deer-cat. Look deep into its eyes. 

Feel the mesmerising power of the deer-cat. 
The deer-cat wants you to leave a comment. 
You know you will...

This is a scan of a stencil art Christmas card I sent to friends and family. The original had glow in the dark eyes! For this weeks illustration friday theme 'mesmerising' I scanned a print and gave it a slight animated tweak.

Its okay. The deer-cat says you can look away now.